Friday, December 23, 2011


I decided to try my hand at some new birds.  I have several bird feeders that I can see from my studio window.  This is one of the fellows that came to feed.  I bought a new powers shot Canon camera this summer because it has a more powerful zoom than my old one and I have to say I am not really happy with it.  The colors just are never very good.   I have to do too much color fiddling in my computer before I can post a picture of the painting.  Also, the zoom only really works well on the optical zoom, the digital zoom is very grainy.  I don't recommend anyone buying a Canon Powershot SX30 IS.

To all the folks out there who look at my blog, I wish you a joyous holiday and a very Happy New Year.


"CITY BIRD" ($100.)

 Where the Sun Don't Shine

                                               Some more crows in the collage series.SOLD

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Yesterday I attended the Audubon Wild Arts Festival. The first two photos are how the donated 6"x6" canvas are displayed. My piece is on the first picture third row down, second one in. My friends Wendy and Dave Dehart also did pieces for the show and Dave's was blown up and placed in the circle above on one of the displays. As always there are marvelous birds on display and lovely handlers giving in- formation about the birds and why they have to live in captivity, usually because humans have stepped into their lives and have wanted to make a pet out of the bird or they come injured to the society. This was a beautiful female owl on display.
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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Thought I'd post something I am working on. This piece is much longer but I haven't worked out all the idea for the rest of it. There will be three crows on the branch and another group of branches on the right. I'm not too happy yet with the crows, they still need work, but the oils still wet and I can't go back into the painting the crows which I want to be a denser black. I honestly don't know if I think this piece is going to work. I have several friends coming over and we critiques each others work, so perhaps their input will help me figure out if I should continue to work on the piece.

On another note the Audubon Wild Arts Festival is this weekend. Saturday the 19th and Sunday the 20th  My post on 10/4 ....shows the piece I entered. I had a lovely surprise, I receive several messages yesterday that the show had been featured on Fox News here in Portland and my entered piece was shown in detail on TV! Sure wish I had seen it. If your in Portland check out the show, it's always a very interesting show with live birds and great artists and authors. http //

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

CROW...Portland Crow (SOLD)

"I LOVE PORTLAND IN THE FALL" 8" x 10" $125.

Since fall is arriving in Portland I thought I'd change up my crow series just a bit. Wish I could remember where I took the shot in Portland; if anyone recognizes the street could you email me with the information.
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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Every year Art Media a Portland Oregon Art Supply Company hands out free 6" x 6" canvas to do a painting for the Audubon Wildlife Show. Art media has now become part of Dick Blick, a national company and from what other artists have told me only 25 canvas were handed out, probably from each store location. I happened to already have one so this will be my donated piece this year. I will post more about the show as the dates gets nearer in November. Remember all these little gems are only $40.!

Also, I have had several request for me to post the prices I am asking for my "Rain Bird" series. Always the hardest decision as to what to price ones art work. I have decided to ask $100. for the 8" x8" and $125. for the 8"x10".
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Friday, August 26, 2011

FLOWER PAINTING (Marigold Oil Painting)

I recently went to the Luscher Farm in Lake Oswego Oregon; it's a community garden and my fellow artist friend Wendy Dehart and I try to get there at least once in the summer to do some Plein Air work. The gardens are beautiful, full of wonderful flowers and veggies everywhere. Well, as usual I was in a state as to what to paint. Since I don't get outdoors often enough to paint I usually can't decide what to paint. It's a real dilemma for me and when I saw this bunch of Marigolds I instinctively felt they where calling to me, so my confusion was put to rest as I always love to paint flowers.

But, I think looking back at my experiences with Plein Air painting I have come to the conclusion it's not what I enjoy painting, or if I am to paint outdoors I want to hone in on a small area and not try to paint the vast expanse of the landscape. Any one out there who has the same problem? I think another problem I have with landscape painting is there are so many artist who do it so well and I want to some some how put a different concept to my work.

Mitchell Albala who's landscape painting book "Essential Concepts and Techniques for Plein Air and Studio Practice", recently posted an interview with Wolf Kahn,  whose landscapes are amazing because he has learned to paint the suggestion of the landscape without painting the detail. If the link doesn't work try .
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As usual I haven't posted in awhile. I took a break from the crow paintings/ collages and painted my favorite cup again...third time for this cup. Also attempted a small china cup. I have an English friend who when she comes to visit I always get out the china cup and a small china teas pot so she can enjoy her beloved tea. It's still a work in progress and needs some size adjustment, thus I won't post it until I feel I have gotten the proportions in scale.
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Saturday, July 30, 2011

First City Celebration and Art Event today Saturday

If your looking for something fun to do today come see me at my both at the First City Celebration in downtown Oregon City.  I am sharing a space with Wendy Dehart,, a pastel artists.  My recent series of paintings of crows and collages will be on display.   It should be a really well attended event.  This is a one day event and the artists show runs from 11:00 to 7:00 today and the wine and music part continues until 9:00 tonight.  Wendy and my booth will be located right in front of the courthouse on main street in OC.  Please stop by and say hello or better yet take one our works of art home with you.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011



Title "It's Only Misting" 8"x 10" $125.

Another set of crows in the series of weather related crows.  I hope to complete 2 more to make it a dozen. My grandkids are here now  are visiting from Los Angeles; so painting will have to wait while I get to enjoy their company.  Part of the process in creating the pieces are to collage the one side.  Many times I see a certain image in a magazine and that will get me started, but finding other elements to complete the collage may take some rummaging through all my magazines to find what I feel works and balances with the original image.  I paint all the crows from photos I have taken and recently bought a new camera with a 35x zoom lens because they are such flighty birds and take off as soon as I get any where near them. These two are 8"x 10" on cradled 3/4 inch boards.


Title "Sunshine on a Cloudy Day" 8"x8" $100.

Title "Cloudy Day Chasing The Sun Away" 8"x8" $100.

Here in Portland we have many cloudy days, but many times on those cloudy days we get what the weather men call sunbreaks through out the day. So as part of my "Rain Bird" series I have included "Sun break Birds". 8" x8" on 3/4 inch Cradle Board

Friday, June 24, 2011


Title"Liquid Sunshine" 8"x8" $100.

Title "Sun-Break Bird 8"x10" $125.

Title "Think It's Another rainy Day" 8'x 8" $100.
I have attempted to create several more crow collages. So far I have completed 6 and I hope to do a series of 12 and am on number 7. I work from my own photographs but really have a hard time photographing the birds as it seems as soon as they see me coming they are off and running, actually they quickly fly away. Another problem is trying to get the color accurate on my computer monitor; I always wonder how accurate the colors look like on other peoples monitors. The paintings are 8"x8"  and 10"x 8", done in oil with collage on the sides.

I am calling the series rain birds and sun break birds because it rains a lot here; but what I find so unusual is the sun breaks, they come and go during the day but around 5 o'clock on many days the sun stays out and I always wonder what took it so long to appear and stay. I know we are greatly affected by the weather on the coast coming into Portland. I really don't mind the greyer days and am lucky I don't suffer from depression. I enjoy spending time in my studio on those days. It is so beautiful in the Pacific Northwest that even on grey days you can see the beauty; but the most spectacular days are when it so wonderfully clear and Mt Hood makes an appearance that is breath-taking with her pristine snow covered peak.
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Friday, June 3, 2011


Title "Rain Rain Go Away $100.

Title "It's A sideways Rainy Day $100.

         Title"Night Rain Bird"  $125.

We have had such a wet winter and spring that my thoughts are dull and dreary along with the birds who live outside in this weather all the time.  I like to work from photos I have taken of crows. They really are a very difficult bird to photograph because as I get just slightly close to them they fly away.  I guess I should invest in a better Canon camera with a better telephotographic lens.  I also need one that takes better" in motion " pictures;  between the motion of the birds and also me trying to capture my twin grandsons in motion I get really frustrated.  I did these on 3/4" cradled boards in oil along with collaged sides.  Think I might like to do more in the series.  Question is....should I continue to work on this series...suggestions would be helpful.  All comments are welcome.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


I have a show being held at the Red Magnolia Salon here in Portland.  Maggie the owner has the most adorable location just a spit off Alberta St on 13th, in the Alberta Arts District here in Portland.   Please visit her website to see her hours and location....
She will have a  "Last Thursday Art Walk" for the month of April from 5:00-8:00, wine is served! Please stop in any time to see the salon and Maggie and her staffs and the services of the salon. 
This latest painting is an oil done on a 16"x 20" panel.  I really had a difficult time getting the colors of the painting accurate in the photo.  I still think the pink in the flowers is too intense.


Another collage, I seem to be working in geometric patterns with my collages lately.
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Sunday, April 3, 2011


I recently came across an old photo of a coffee cup and spoon. I had done a painting of it several years ago and thought it would be interesting to try another small painting of it.  The one on the top is the new painting, not sure if it's any better though.....hmmm, have I not grown as an artist? I have mentioned in previous posts how I always admire artists whose works are very loose, but I can never achieve that and realize I have to control  my brush strokes because I don't have the confidence in my ability to let go.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011



Where have I been?  Well, several weeks ago, my husband of 46 years complained of a stomachache, to make long story short, within a few hours he was in Septic Shock and wound up in the hospital for a week with not one but a combination of two bacterial infections that had entered his blood stream.  The doctors haven't been able to find a source for the infections, but he is finally better, but it was a huge scare for both of us.
Once he was on the mend I began helping my daughter get her house ready for sale.  We have spent countless hours painting and touching up wood work and walls, gardening, demossing,( the moss grows so green in the Northwest)  and packing up tons of stuff to get rid of any clutter, which are now housed in my garage  She lives in a very beautiful old neighborhood of Portland Oregon, called Eastmoreland with charming old homes.  If you are looking for a beauty of an older home check out the RMLS and in the MLS area type in  11174012

I always have trouble getting multiple pictures to post in a line on my blog, so I finally said this is taking too much time, just go with it!  One of my painting friends suggested I call the assemblage "The Doll House" at first I said not what I intended, but the more I thought about it I guess that really is a good name for it. 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dolls head assemblage

Another project I have been working on is this doll head. Several years ago, my son was visiting us in Portland and came across this doll head in an antique shop. He knows me so well and bought it for me thinking I could use her in an assemblage someday. Well, she has kicked around in my closet for several years and recently on a organizing expedition in my messy closet I came across her and felt it was time to tackle her. She originaly had quite a bit of very messy hair on her head, which I tore off. I have an assortment of old buttons and odd pieces of jewelry which I glued to her now bald dome. I also had a funky old wooden cheese box which I attached her head to, so now she is in limbo until I figure out what goes ni her box. Hopefully she will direct me and that will be my next post...until then, CREATE!
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Pansy Painting (SOLD)

I believe I must be anxious for spring to arrive. While at my local grocery store I spotted these pansy's and was compelled to buy them to bring some spring into my studio. As they sat around looking so perky and springy I decided to attempt to do a painting of them.  At first I only had the three pots in the piece.  Then feeling the painting wasn't saying anything I thought to add the bird.  When I finished I felt like I had created a Hallmark greeting card.  So, I took the painting to my Thursday painting group for a critique and as I thought my fellow painters said 'take the bird out", but leave the flower lying on the bottom left.  I still feel I have to work on the flower pots.

Naples Museum of Art

My last posts was about attending the Blossom Exhibition in Naples Florida which was held at the Naples Museum and Philharmonic center.  If any of you ever get to Florida and want to see a first class museum this is a beauty.  I felt so honored to have my art being shown at this Museum.  I didn't have time to find out the history of the museum while in Florida, but on my trip home to Portland I had bought the magazine "Art News"to read on the plane..  There on page 48 under "news, spotlight" was an article on Myra Daniels, a former advertising executive, who was determined to bring culture to Naples Florida.  What I found very interesting in the article was the information about her husband; Draper Daniels, also a famous advertising executive and who was model for the character Don Draper on the TV series "Mad Men", one of my favorite television shows.  One of the most amazing pieces of art  in the museum is the last large piece of sculpture done by Louise Nevelson;, who is one of my all time favorite artists, It was a wonderful experience to get to see the piece in person and not just online or in a book. Myra Daniels according to the article has raised $400 million dollars for the center, so if you get to Naples Fl, it's a must see.

Monday, February 14, 2011

I attended the "Blossom Art of the Flower" show in Naples Florida.  The show was held at the Naples Art Museum and while I didn't win a prize, I surely felt like a winner having my painting hanging in such a gorgeous museum.  We weren't really allowed to take pictures in the museum but I did manage to snap a couple although they all came out very yellow.  There were over 2300 paintings from 35 countries entered in the competition, but only 100 chosen by 9 jurors.  Stephen Doherty, one of the 9 judges and the past editor of the American Artist magazine and the current editor of the new reissued Plein Air magazine announced the prizes.  A lovely artist with an English sounding accent ( she did not attend) was called by phone to let her know she had won the grand prize of $25,000. .The judges were artists, directors of botanical gardens and art museum directors.  All the artist were given two beautiful catalogs with their painting shown along with the artists description of their work and a photo of the artist.

The museum put on a spectacular wine and appetizer spread prior to the show opening that evening and it was packed with people coming to see the show. After the show all the artists and their guests went to an Italian restaurant where we were served dinner this time put on by the Susan K Black Foundation and the Blossom Competition.  I really am happy that I was able to attend.  I would never have traveled from Oregon to Florida to see the show had not my Sister-in- law who lives in Bradenton Florida allowed me to stay with her and to also attend and drive me the 100 miles to see the show.  Although weather wise, I could have stayed in Oregon, Florida 's weather while there was not much better then at home.  Somewhat chilly, very little sun, very windy and some rain.

In my next post I will give some history of the museum and its' founder, along with the winning entry.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Crow Collage

Another Collage, I have over the years picked up I guess most people would call these items junk, I call them little treasures. I have several drawers full of them and in the past did make some assemblages using them. ( see post from August 19th ) I am hoping to incorporate more of these little odds and ends into my collage work. For this collage I painted the crows and used the street photo I had taken in downtown Portland and did some manipulation on the computer to render the image in black and white. All the colored areas were taken from magazines. Plus the addition of my found objects.
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Bee Collage (SOLD)


I have started the new year with a goal to do more collages this year. Since I have been working on a number of bird pieces I thought I would attempt to do a series of paintings and collages called the Birds and the Bees Series. The bee and the flower in the collage were done using Derwent Intense Colored Pencils. I bought a small set to experiment with and found them to be fun to play around with. After sketching with them you can go over them with a wet brush to get different effects. The rest of the collage was done with painted rice papers and assorted painted colored papers and colors ripped from magazine.
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