Saturday, July 30, 2011

First City Celebration and Art Event today Saturday

If your looking for something fun to do today come see me at my both at the First City Celebration in downtown Oregon City.  I am sharing a space with Wendy Dehart,, a pastel artists.  My recent series of paintings of crows and collages will be on display.   It should be a really well attended event.  This is a one day event and the artists show runs from 11:00 to 7:00 today and the wine and music part continues until 9:00 tonight.  Wendy and my booth will be located right in front of the courthouse on main street in OC.  Please stop by and say hello or better yet take one our works of art home with you.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011



Title "It's Only Misting" 8"x 10" $125.

Another set of crows in the series of weather related crows.  I hope to complete 2 more to make it a dozen. My grandkids are here now  are visiting from Los Angeles; so painting will have to wait while I get to enjoy their company.  Part of the process in creating the pieces are to collage the one side.  Many times I see a certain image in a magazine and that will get me started, but finding other elements to complete the collage may take some rummaging through all my magazines to find what I feel works and balances with the original image.  I paint all the crows from photos I have taken and recently bought a new camera with a 35x zoom lens because they are such flighty birds and take off as soon as I get any where near them. These two are 8"x 10" on cradled 3/4 inch boards.


Title "Sunshine on a Cloudy Day" 8"x8" $100.

Title "Cloudy Day Chasing The Sun Away" 8"x8" $100.

Here in Portland we have many cloudy days, but many times on those cloudy days we get what the weather men call sunbreaks through out the day. So as part of my "Rain Bird" series I have included "Sun break Birds". 8" x8" on 3/4 inch Cradle Board