Thursday, May 15, 2014

For Susan....Chickadee Sold

Had to post this recently sold painting to my dear collage roommate from Moore College of Art located in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.  Susan (Schildknecht) Mobley and I were "Advertising Art" students together and she and two other girls; (we were girls back then,)   Royanne (VanRiper) Oehlerking, and  Kibby (Doerrer) Pindell were suite mates.  Thanks to the Internet Susan was able to locate me after... dare I say after almost 50 years!  Saw the birds I had painted and bought the Chickadee painting.   I may complain about the Internet from time to time, but when a dear old friend finds me it's the best .It's been wonderful to catch up with everyone at various times to see where life has taken all of us.   We are miles apart;  me on the West Coast, Royanne in the middle of the country, Chicago and Susan on the East coast, Virginia. It really would be wonderful if we could all get together before we are to old to walk, see and hear. 

Been working on some much larger bird paintings along with the abstract cold wax which I hope to post soon; I always have good intentions to get the work online but my life seems to go in other directions, perhaps because writing is just not my thing. I really admire artists or any blogger for that matter who post consistently.

Zinnia and Agapanthus SOLD!


It's always a very nice surprise that when a show ends and you go to pick up your paintings to find out that two have been sold.

More Crows and Birds

 Stellar Jay

 Gold Finch


Some more 8"x8" birdies done in oil or acrylic. The two crows paintings were in a recent show at the Side Street Gallery in Portland owned by Rita Larson and Michael Pratt, the owners of the beautiful tiles made by Pratt and Larson.