Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Crow Painting ( Is It Mine?) (SOLD)

Another Crow....what can I say, they have so much personality.  This fellow is 8" X 8" and the feather he is wondering about is a real feather. He will be for sale also this weekend.  Hope to see you there

Crow Painting ( I'm Out'a Here ) (SOLD)

Another crow, this fellow will also be for sale at the Jantzen Beach Mall and the Milwaukie First Friday.  It's a small painting also, framed in a black frame and only 5"x 7".  Several other artists and myself are doing small pieces so that we have some more affordable art for the holidays.

Curious Bird (SOLD)

This is just a little fellow.  I have a bird feeder hanging in a Weeping Cherry tree that I can see outside my studio window and one day this past spring I saw this little fellow peering back at me. It's a tiny painting, only 6" x 6" I did a few small paintings for a this weekend.  I will be at the Milwaukie (SP is correct, it's in Oregon) First Friday event with some fellow artists from the North Clackamas Arts Guild.  Saturday and Sunday I will be at the Jantzen Beach Mall in Portland Oregon doing a show with several other artists.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

6" x 6" ART by Phyllis Meyer

This is the final post about the Audubon Show.  Artists donate small 6" x 6" gallery wrapped canvas that they have painted on with a bird motif and these small works are each sold for $40.00. My husband came to the show with me and was willing to stand in line for close to an hour to grab this little gem for me by artist Phyllis Meyer, http://www.villagegalleryarts.org/galleries/meyer.html.  I am thrilled to have this piece by this very talented lady!  Love the style and colors.

Audubon Show

This weekend was the Audubon Wildlife Festival.  It's always a wonderful show to attend.  There are really great artists works to see and the Audubon Society always brings birds that live at the bird sanctuary.  I took dozens of pictures of these remarkable creatures.  I am having problems with my google blogger today and it's not allowing me to download more then one photo.  I will try another post and hopefully share few more photos that I hope will be great inspiration for new collages.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sun Flower ( End of Summer ) OMG!

I am in shock! I submitted this painting to the international "Blossom Competition" being held at the Naples Florida Art Museum.  The competition is put on by the Susan Black Foundation and is solely for works about flower. I was notified that I my "End of Summer" painting was juried into the show.  The last show was held in 2007 with more then about 1,700 entires from 14 countries and about 100 paintings are chosen for the exhibition.  I feel so lucky to be including in this very outstanding show.  In addition to a beautiful catalog of the show certain works are chosen for the traveling exhibition which will go on until 2013
You can see the past show and works at the website:

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Thought I'd try something new with my posts. I have over the years done a number of assemblages but have never posted them. I tried to down load 6 of them from Picasa but didn't have any luck. I also downloaded something new from Blogger called Zemanta , which can add additional information to a post, so here we go, lets see what it brings up...

Well, there are a ton of assemblage artists out there online, but Zemanta didn't give me anything I want to post and Picasa only downloaded 4 pictures.  Guess I'll try again.
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Festival Weekend

This past weekend was the Arts Festival in the Forest put on by the City of West Linn Oregon.  They really do an amazing job all weekend providing tons of entertainment all week, everything from lively music to magicians to the main event the tree dancers.  The weekend was brutally hot, about 98 on Saturday and Sunday.  Sally and I were very lucky in that our location was in the forested area, so we stayed relatively cool.   The first picture is of part of my painting displays, the next is our daughter and her family, the twins and TT, (Tim her very wonderful boyfriend) dancing to the Louisiana Zydeco Musicians.  Next is some of the many people who came to the show and the final pictures is the tree dancers.  I did very well and sold 2 large framed pieces and two of the unframed ones and have been asked to do a commission of one of my crow collages, so I was very happy how the weekend turned out...heat and all!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I recently completed a Plein Aire workshop with Richard McKinley http://www.mckinleystudio.com/,
in Laconner Washington.  Richard is the featured artists on the cover of the July/Aug. issue of "The Artist" magazine.  The posted picture is of him giving one of his demos while out painting near the bay.  The other is of him showing us how he does his under painting when he works from a Plein Aire sketch and does a painting back in the studio.  As an instructor, all I can do is rave about him.  He gives so much information and explains and shows what he means every step of the way, so that even if you a relative beginner to painting you understand.  He explained the importance of using a " Notan" prior to starting the painting.  A Notan being a value sketch in no more than 3-4 grey values.  He really stressed understanding values and using  a value under painting with burnt sienna on our canvas.  He showed us how to make in oils a full range of greys from dark warm and cools, mid range and light range of those values to use on our palette.  I took the workshop through Dakota Art,  in Laconner,  http://www.dakotapastels.com/pages/index.aspx. Robyn who owns Dakota is extremely helpful getting supplies if you need them or just doing her darnest to get you into the class, which she did in my case. I stayed at the Queen of the Valley Bed and Breakfast, with  my dear friend Wendy Dehart,  http://www.queenofthevalleyinn.com/ and we had the most wonderful breakfasts  made by Shelly, the owner and her assistant Jackie.  I told her she needs to write a breakfast cookbook!
The town of Laconner is delightful and the area is so picturesque, with beautiful farms in the valley, Mt Baker always in view, and the bay right there.  

For me all of it was an incredible learning experience along with a fabulous time.  Richard also does a blog for the Artists Network, where again, even if you aren't a pastel artists he really gives so much more then just the basic information, check it out.  http://pastelpointersblog.artistsnetwork.com/?p_PageAlias=pastelpointers

I did three painting while at the workshop, none worth posting, but that was really stressed by Richard, we weren't there to make a master piece, we were there to learn and to see.  I really thought on the last day I was getting the values correctly.  I used my umbrella so I wasn't painting in the bright sun, which I really had a difficult time doing.  When I brought the painting indoors I was so surprised that I hadn't gotten enough value differences in the piece.  I have to learn to exaggerate them a little more.  I am hoping that I can use what I learned not just for Plein Aire, but also for my studio work.

I am now working on getting my paintings ready for a show in West Linn Oregon, called "Art Festival in the Forest."  http://www.artsfestivalintheforest.com/ 
 I am doing the show with a fellow artists; Sally Hingley.  http://www.petragallery.com/  The show is Aug 14th and 15th. , so if you are in the area please stop by and say hello

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Willamette Park (SOLD)

It's been awhile since I have had time to paint  or post.  Our Grandchildren were visiting us from Los Angeles, along with their Dad, our son; who is president of a company he started called mOcean. 
 The company does movie trailers along with creating TV promos for television shows and channels, also video game ads and TV and movie posters.  Their latest trailer is for the new movie "Inception" with Leonardo Dicaprio.

I did get out once last week to paint with friends in a beautiful park in West Linn, just past the little downtown part of Willamette.   I have so much to learn about this Plein Air painting thing.  So much so, that I am leaving on Thursday for a workshop in LaConner WA with a wonderful pastel artist and friend Wendy Dehart.    http://wendydehart.com/
We are taking a plein air workshop with Richard McKinley,  http://www.mckinleystudio.com/ which I am really looking forward to and hope to get a better grasp on Plein Air painting!

Hope to post when I get back with pictures and descriptions of the workshop.  Till then happy painting to everyone.  The more you paint the more you learn.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Crow Paintings again ( BOTH SOLD)

            More crows with attitudes.  They are such funny birds.  I see them everywhere strutting around, giving each other a hard time.  They are so easy to personify.  The guy on the left is titled " what's it to you?" and the guy or gal on the right is titled "Don't mess with me!"

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Small Daily Paintings ( NINE SOLD )

These paintings are all small from size 5"x 7" to 8"x10" for a show I am doing in August called "Art Festival in the Forest".  I don't have cards of my work to sell; so I thought I would try doing a daily small painting and rather then frame them I would mat them and put them in a plastic sleeve.  My hope being that the smaller unframed paintings could be priced very reasonably and appeal to those people not being able to afford my larger framed works.  The single pear on the right hand board is matted as an example of what I have been trying to get done.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Group of Seven

I realized it has been quite awhile since my last blog post.  Once again I found myself kind of in an art block.  I decided to do some studying, a friend recommended I check out a Canadian group of artists from the early part of this century called the Group of Seven.  I was thrilled to have discovered their artwork, especially Tom Thomson.  I wound up ordering a number of books from Amazon about the group.  If you have time check them out online at:
http://cybermuse.gallery.ca/cybermuse/search/artist_work_e.jsp?iartistid=5427 or

 I have done some small paintings for a show I am doing in August called Festival of Art in the Forest.  I will take a few pictures and if they look alright will post them next.

I live in an incredibly beautiful state and feel I should learn to do more Plein Air painting, but just can't seem to get a handle on it when outdoors.  So, along with a dear friend Wendy Dehart, http://wendydehart.com/, I have signed up for an oil painting Plein Air workshop in July with Richard McKinley :  http://www.mckinleystudio.com/ in LaConner Washington.  Hopefully I can sort out my hangups and learn to edit what I see outdoors.  I feel so overwhelmed with the landscape and can't seem to narrow down what I should focus on when out there.  Any suggestions would help!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Flower Painting ( First Bloom )

The photo on the top is the finished piece and the more   accurate one for the color in the painting.

Thought I would take a picture of what I am working on right now.  I find it really helps to see the painting from this perspective.  It shows me where the painting still needs work or if the composition is working.  It's a rainy day here in Portland...surprise...rain in Portland!  I couldn't get the right light to take a good picture and was having trouble getting the color in the white flower to photograph more purple.  Some of the greens are really off also.  When I get the piece done I will try and set it up with better light.  The flower center isn't done and the bottom right needs more work. I really tried to get more texture and paint in my brush strokes.  I tried working with  Gamblins Galkyd Lite as a medioum and really liked that I could get the paint on thicker with a lot of brush marks showing.  Not really very visible in the photo.


Monday, March 29, 2010

Bird Collages ( BOTH SOLD)

Two new Bird Collages.  I tried to get both pieces side by side on the post but wasn't successful. I really am having mixed feelings about continueing this series.  I suppose I feel they are too stylized and that's not the direction I want to take.  I have been at odds with my artwork for awhile now and have really been trying to figure out the direction I want to take.  I miss painting the flowers and have started a new flower painting to see if I should continue doing those.  I have a dear friend who paints landscapes and does plein air painting who has helped me in that direction, but I don't feel those attempts are worthy of a post yet.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Celebration of Creativity Show

This is picture of me taken by a friend on Friday night at the show "Celebration of Creativity".  I really don't like to have my picture taken, but I wanted to let everyone who reads my blog see what a  wonderful creative show it is.  The group that puts on the show do a remarkable job of displaying all the various forms of art together.   This is me standing by one of my paintings tiltled " Golden Hydrangea." 

Thursday, March 4, 2010

"Cow" Girl Collage

This is what's on my easel right now.  It's another collage and oil piece.  I always find it interesting that when I begin a collage I never know what direction it will take.  If I start out with a preconceived idea, most of the time it never goes as planned.  That's what happened with this one.  The ear tags need work and need numbers, which are usually on the tags to identify the cow..  I was going to put diamond studs on the tags, but I felt it was getting too busy and corny. 

  I have been asked as to what I use to glue down my collage elements.  I have tried Goldens Gloss Medium, but found that "YES PASTE" for me works somewhat better. If I am collaging torn magazine parts, they don't wrinkle as much and I don't have to go over the pieces so much with a brayer to adhere them, which can rub some of the color off the magazine image.   When I frame the piece I  use the Goldens Gloss Medium on the collage parts as a varnish and will varnish the oil painting part with a varnish intended for oils and acrylics.  When I frame them I do not put glass on the finished framed piece.
Needs a title...any ideas?

Monday, March 1, 2010

Art on Display

Some place to see my art besides the blogispere; if your in the Portland area this weekend check out the show "Celebration of Creativity" in Beaverton Oregon.  The show runs from Thursday March 4th to Sunday March 7th.  I have seven paintings on display in this very well displayed art and fine crafts show.  I am proud to have made it into this juried show, which has been on going for 34 years.


I also have some recent art displayed at the Howden Gallery in Oregon City. If your in thr area stop in to see the woerks of 45 local artists and enjoy a glass of wine from the Kings raven Winery.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

CROW (No More Mr Nice Guy)

I have started another crow painting.  I originally did part of the background with collage elements, but wasn't too happy with that, so I removed the collage parts from the canvas.  His feet aren't done, I find them the most difficult to render.  I think the upper half needs to be toned down and made greyer and the hint of a window frame made darker.  I really am not sure how this one works composition wise, since it  appears divided in half , which I know is a no-no..............hmmmmmmmmmm

I wasn't sure if I could post the two together, but it was successful.  The one on the right is the painting with the revisions done.  Thought it would help me see what else needs to be worked on.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


This is the finished crow collage.  I decided to put a mat around the piece which I created with Bass Wood and painted with acrylic paint because I wanted the composition to be tight.  I had tried an earlier version where there was more space around the group of crows who are looking at something, but had to wipe that composition off.  I wanted the viewer to guess what the crows see.  I guess I personified them by including some words in the collage ," I'm not a size two", " Stop me if it's too much for your eyes" and the simple word "react".

Now for another problem.  I read a recipe online by another artist about a medium they use.  I decided to give it a try.  My palette of oil colors are mainly Graham Oils, which contain walnut oil.  The mediums recipe is 1 pt stand oil, 2 pts linseed oil, 1 pt turp.  The problem I am having is the painting will not dry.  It has been two weeks since I finished and it's still very wet.  I have to admit it's the first time I have used a medium  and I really like working with it.  I did try and us it sparingly into the oils; but perhaps the mixture of Linseed Oil with the walnut oil is the culprit.  Anyone out there have an idea if this is the cause of it taking so long to dry?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Crow Collage

This is the start of a new collage.  I started this with a different composition and wound up wiping the first start off.  With this new one I tried painting the entire piece in oils with a sidewalk and wasn't happy with that either, so I wpied that off and am now giving the painting a mixed media/ collage attempt.  Frustration still rules!


This is a painting I started with my Thursday painters group.  As I stated in my last post I have been having problems lately trying to figure out what I want the final painting to look like.  I was again having problems with this piece and tried something different with the background.