Friday, December 5, 2014


This has been a super frustrating post. The picture came in rotated and it has taken me close to a half an hour to get it right side up, nor can I figure out how to get rid of the ridges crossing the picture...UGH!  Couldn't begin to explain how I finally rotated it.  Think I will try and take a new picture and see what happens with that one if I get time.  Speaking of time, this sure has been a time waster!

I was leaving a store the other day and saw a table full of beautiful Cyclamen; looking at them made me feel like getting away from the birds and the cold wax process and go back to painting flowers for awhile and to play with shadows.

Oil on Canvas,  size 16x20, cost $350.

Crows in the rain Title" We Should Have Stayed Home"

Another cold wax piece.  I was definitely affected by our recent stormy weather.  We have had some very gloomy rainy days with along with some very strong winds.   I always see the poor birds out there in the elements which I guess gave me the inspiration to capture them and how they might feel about being in the rain.
Size 24"x24" on panel.

RAVEN, Phone Pictures ( Alert Bay, British Columbia)

I did this painting as a gift for two very special people in my life who took me on a sailing  journey of a life time through the wilderness of British Columbia this past August.  One of the trips we took was to a small village called Alert Bay. Through out the whole trip I was on the look out for Ravens to photograph.  Alert Bay has a marvelous museum that show cases the art of  Canada's First Nation People that I felt for me was one of the high lights of the trip. Alert bay was the only place I saw a Raven and was able to photograph the big fellow; so the painting represents my feelings for the area. The Raven, the buttons worn by the First Nation Peoples ceremonial clothes and the water in the bay.  I also incorporated the word "Gilakas'La, which means welcome or thank you in their native language.