Sunday, December 20, 2015


For some reason my photo lately of my art have appeared dark when I go to post them.  Another oil painting with assemblage parts.  I have painted these two birds before because it always look like she is harping on him about something. I feel like this one tells a story;  she is mad at him because he gambled their money on real estate investments without her knowledge.

Speaking of harping, once again it has been a frustrating social media day for me.  Pictures I have tried to post via Instgram have appeared sideways.  Guess I could Google how to rotate them but after a while I just want to call it quits and try another day.  And as always problems with the blog and I realize I am just not young enough to figure it all out.

Oil and Assemblage, Stellar Jays, shadow box frames, 12"x12"

SAFETY IN NUMBERS ( Canadian Geese)

I have been a collector of things/stuff for many years and during that time many items have found their way in to Assemblages.  I can forget the about the collection for a while then one day I open the space where I put them and ideas start to come together.  I never know the direction one will take which is the fun part of finding where a piece should go; sort of like putting a puzzle together.

We have many, many Canadian Geese near us and they are always in a group with most of them feeding and one or two are on watch duty for danger while the rest are feeding.
Always safety in numbers...

Oil and Assemblage, shadow box frame, 12"x12"


Came across some gun targets for shooting crows and that upset me.  Any one who reads my blog knows that I am a crow lover so I decided to create a piece of art with my feelings about the subject. Oil and assemblage, shadow box frame, size 12"x12"


As usual it's been awhile since I have posted any new art.  I just have so many issues with my blog that I don't look forward to trying to post an image.  I think my new years resolution this year will be to create a website rather than the blog.

I have started another series with the birds; trying to incorporate some assemblage  items into some of them. 

This one has Domino parts and Bingo pieces in it.  Sort telling a story about the games we play figuratively.  Size is 12"x12" framed in a shadow box frame.