Monday, March 29, 2010

Bird Collages ( BOTH SOLD)

Two new Bird Collages.  I tried to get both pieces side by side on the post but wasn't successful. I really am having mixed feelings about continueing this series.  I suppose I feel they are too stylized and that's not the direction I want to take.  I have been at odds with my artwork for awhile now and have really been trying to figure out the direction I want to take.  I miss painting the flowers and have started a new flower painting to see if I should continue doing those.  I have a dear friend who paints landscapes and does plein air painting who has helped me in that direction, but I don't feel those attempts are worthy of a post yet.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Celebration of Creativity Show

This is picture of me taken by a friend on Friday night at the show "Celebration of Creativity".  I really don't like to have my picture taken, but I wanted to let everyone who reads my blog see what a  wonderful creative show it is.  The group that puts on the show do a remarkable job of displaying all the various forms of art together.   This is me standing by one of my paintings tiltled " Golden Hydrangea." 

Thursday, March 4, 2010

"Cow" Girl Collage

This is what's on my easel right now.  It's another collage and oil piece.  I always find it interesting that when I begin a collage I never know what direction it will take.  If I start out with a preconceived idea, most of the time it never goes as planned.  That's what happened with this one.  The ear tags need work and need numbers, which are usually on the tags to identify the cow..  I was going to put diamond studs on the tags, but I felt it was getting too busy and corny. 

  I have been asked as to what I use to glue down my collage elements.  I have tried Goldens Gloss Medium, but found that "YES PASTE" for me works somewhat better. If I am collaging torn magazine parts, they don't wrinkle as much and I don't have to go over the pieces so much with a brayer to adhere them, which can rub some of the color off the magazine image.   When I frame the piece I  use the Goldens Gloss Medium on the collage parts as a varnish and will varnish the oil painting part with a varnish intended for oils and acrylics.  When I frame them I do not put glass on the finished framed piece.
Needs a title...any ideas?

Monday, March 1, 2010

Art on Display

Some place to see my art besides the blogispere; if your in the Portland area this weekend check out the show "Celebration of Creativity" in Beaverton Oregon.  The show runs from Thursday March 4th to Sunday March 7th.  I have seven paintings on display in this very well displayed art and fine crafts show.  I am proud to have made it into this juried show, which has been on going for 34 years.

I also have some recent art displayed at the Howden Gallery in Oregon City. If your in thr area stop in to see the woerks of 45 local artists and enjoy a glass of wine from the Kings raven Winery.