Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Crow Painting ( Is It Mine?) (SOLD)

Another Crow....what can I say, they have so much personality.  This fellow is 8" X 8" and the feather he is wondering about is a real feather. He will be for sale also this weekend.  Hope to see you there

Crow Painting ( I'm Out'a Here ) (SOLD)

Another crow, this fellow will also be for sale at the Jantzen Beach Mall and the Milwaukie First Friday.  It's a small painting also, framed in a black frame and only 5"x 7".  Several other artists and myself are doing small pieces so that we have some more affordable art for the holidays.

Curious Bird (SOLD)

This is just a little fellow.  I have a bird feeder hanging in a Weeping Cherry tree that I can see outside my studio window and one day this past spring I saw this little fellow peering back at me. It's a tiny painting, only 6" x 6" I did a few small paintings for a this weekend.  I will be at the Milwaukie (SP is correct, it's in Oregon) First Friday event with some fellow artists from the North Clackamas Arts Guild.  Saturday and Sunday I will be at the Jantzen Beach Mall in Portland Oregon doing a show with several other artists.