Thursday, October 23, 2008

End Of Summer ( NFS )

This painting was created as a gift for my sons 40Th birthday. Egad.....saying my son is 40 sure makes me sound old. He lives in Los Angeles with his family and their living room has a blank spot for a painting. He asked me if I would do a painting to fill the spot. I thought an LA scene would appeal to my son . I had a photo of a street not far from their house I thought would be good to try working from. Well, I gave it my best shot but I felt it was turning out to be a failure. I was not happy with my attempts at all; I like to think there wasn't enough information in the photo for me to work from. So, still wanting to fill that space on his living room wall and hoping to send him a nice surprise for his birthday; I decided to work from my dried flowers and hopefully give it a masculine touch since I know a painting of flowers would not be his first choice. One part of the gift I felt good about was the frame. I had a beautiful old antique oak frame that I wanted put on the painting and I knew if he hated the painting he and his wife would at least like the frame.
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Thursday, October 2, 2008

"Been Chewing on it" ( SOLD )

One of my favorite art forms is collage. I haven't focused on it for awhile, but when I get together with my Thursday Painters Group, I try and do something different from my normal attempts at art.

I found this picture of the sheep in a magazine and decided to try doing a collage with it. I cut out the sheep and some trees from another magazine; pasted them pictures down on a piece of Gatorboard and then decided to paint on top of all that I had pasted down. The title came from a sentence I found in another magazine, which is located at the base of the trees.
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