Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Distant Farm, (SOLD)

This pastel was done in a pastel class given by Gary Michael. garylmichaelart.com.
The painting was done on Wallis Paper, which is such a wonderful surface to work on.
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Monday, July 9, 2007

Five Crows in a Row Price (SOLD).

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This collage recently won a First Place award at a local art show in the Portland area. The 'Thursday Painters" is a group of artist that get together to paint almost every Thursday . Sometimes we like to get away from each of our regular painting mediums and challenge ourselves. I like doing collages and assemblages, so I brought a box of assorted papers for us to "play " with. This was my challenge.

I'm happy to say this collage won another award, this time at the North Clackamas Art Guilds. It was choosen as the Best of Mixed Media.

Limes on a plate

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Orange Sections ( SOLD )

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Lemons ,

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I have recently been working in Pastels and preparing my own surface to work on. I use Gator Board that I coat with a combination of Gesso, acrylic medium or white glue and Pumice. It makes a great surface to work on because I can put down many layers of pastel without using any fixative.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Stripes and Pears, Price $ 100.

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This painting was done using water based oil paints by Winsor Newton. I bought them because I paint with a group of women every Thursday. We call ourselves the "Thursday Painters" , not very original, but that's who we are. Anyway, I figured using the water based oils would be easier to cart with me since I wouldn't need a solvent; and they would be less offensive to my fellow painters that don't work in oils. Well, I really am having a hard time using them. They just don't have the lovely buttery consistency of oils. They are very stiff in application, take longer to dry then traditional oil paint and the longer they sit out exposed to the air the more difficult to work with.