Sunday, December 20, 2015


For some reason my photo lately of my art have appeared dark when I go to post them.  Another oil painting with assemblage parts.  I have painted these two birds before because it always look like she is harping on him about something. I feel like this one tells a story;  she is mad at him because he gambled their money on real estate investments without her knowledge.

Speaking of harping, once again it has been a frustrating social media day for me.  Pictures I have tried to post via Instgram have appeared sideways.  Guess I could Google how to rotate them but after a while I just want to call it quits and try another day.  And as always problems with the blog and I realize I am just not young enough to figure it all out.

Oil and Assemblage, Stellar Jays, shadow box frames, 12"x12"
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